Life in Perspective

Are you familiar with the expression, “when it rains, it pours?” Meaning, when the hard things start creeping in, it seems like more and more piles on? Has this ever happened to you? Does it seem like it never stops? Maybe you can relate to my story.

Last month started when my kids and I took a nice trip to Colorado to see my oldest daughter Jessie, her husband and my grandbaby, before the four of us left for a convention in Las Vegas.  A couple days in, it started to “rain” when my son drove my daughter Jessie’s car and the engine died on a very b
usy road. It ended up being irreparable and needed to be towed to the scrap yard. Then, my youngest daughter laid a big guilt trip on me because I wasn’t going to be with her on her 13
th birthday due to the Vegas convention.  My heart was very heavy when I gave her a hug goodbye as she and her brothers left without me for our home in Nebraska with my brother and sister-in-law. In the next couple days;

  • I locked my keys in my car for the first time since college and the spare set, of course, was in a different state with my son. My daughter Jessie was counting on me to watch her baby. I cried as I stood in the driveway, feeling helpless and knowing I would be late and this mistake would cost me some money to get the keys out.
  • The next day we were to leave for our convention. After a short search, I found my iPhone mixed in with sheets and towels agitating in the washing machine. The “dry” fixes didn’t work and with our Vegas flight coming up that afternoon, the expense of getting a new phone seemed a necessity.
  • Several days later, on the drive home to NE, I blew a tire on the interstate. My car has no spare tire, it was Sunday and the closest tire shop was 20 miles away. Two and a half hours later, I got to the shop and an hour after that I was on my way again. I was late to my daughters “after birthday, birthday party”.
  • Close to home, my check engine light came on, I took the car in the next day and it set me back another $500 with some ignition repair.
  • While my car was in the shop, I spent the day at the hospital with my youngest daughter having a cat scan for severe abdominal pain.
  • The very next night, my live in son-in-law was admitted to the hospital because his kidneys are failing.

In my darker days after my husband died, the combination of these events happening so close together would have put me in a tailspin. This time, I was tired, but not down and out. I knew it was nothing in comparison. If you ponder what’s the worse that can happen, it makes everything else seem so much smaller. So, in the midst of it all, I could clearly see the positives. I was spending quality time with family that I didn’t see much, I was able to find the money to do what I needed to do, and I was surrounded by great people in Vegas. A sad story at the tire shop after my blown tire, clearly put my “hard” week into perspective.

At the tire shop, I visited with the lady at the desk who shared with me a recent tragedy in their small town; a young couple with 2 small children were repairing a furnace and the home had exploded. The husband and the wife’s brother were killed, the wife is severely burned and in a drug-induced coma, one child was burned slightly and the other child was not home at the time. What a tragedy.

My heart just broke for that family. When I finally drove into my beautiful hometown, Norfolk, I was blown away by the lush green lawns and beautiful tulips and flowers of all colors. The gratitude in my heart made me cry. When I saw my kids and especially my just turned 13 year old, I gave them extra big hugs.

Yes, life will keep happening for us all. Yet, in the midst of all the struggles, there will invariably be something good to find. I pray you are finding the good. If you are where I was in my darker days, try to not despair. There is hope. If I can get to this point, you can too.

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  1. Hi Lynnette, I love your message. I would love to meet you, I live in Norfolk and I could definitely use a positive influence in my life. Thanks for sharing this.

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