I never imagined that losing my husband at the age of 45, with 4 children still at home, would be so hard. I had made it through other serious trials and didn’t realize that sometimes, life’s twists and turns can truly bring you down so deep into a pit of despair, that you feel you will never recover.

Thankfully, joy would return.

Do you feel that joy is an illusion? Have you lost all hope for better tomorrows? Are you going through a trial that you can’t seem to bounce out of? Do you want to understand the deep depression that someone you love may be going through? Are you craving inspiration in this cynical world?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are the reason I am starting this blog. This blog will be a mixture of stories, anecdotes, information, inspiration, and insight. It is about joy, love, connection and healing. This blog will be written with you in mind and will come from a place of a sincere desire to help you navigate through whatever struggle you may be experiencing.

There will be one single topic per blog, so you can browse easily through. The topics will be seriously researched and thought out and will go wherever the Spirit guides me.

I truly look forward to this journey with you. It is entirely possible that some topics may spark disagreement. I merely ask that any comments be respectful and that no profanity or disparaging words be used. We are all human and trying to make it through this life as best we can. Remember it’s about helping you heal and find joy, not about hurting. 

To hear more about my story and why I am passionate about healing, take a peak at my book Feeling Joy Again — Finding Your Light in Your Darkest Times here on the website. You can also contact me with comments, questions, or ideas.


Lynnette Otero